SkyMark Refuels Bottom Line Profit With IHD Sub-Assemblies

“Since partnering with IHD Solutions, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in build times, improved efficiencies, significant labor savings, and a substantial increase in profits. There is no way we could do it better ourselves, and believe me, we’ve tried.”

When it comes to assembling components, SkyMark Refuelers and FloMark Vacuum Trucks can attest to the value IHD Solutions adds to their teams. As world-leading producers of high-quality aircraft refueling trucks and fully engineered vacuum trucks, these manufacturers have tried their hand at subassembly and learned that it’s a labor-intensive process that takes an incredible amount of time and skill. They’ve also determined assembly is commonly among the greatest drains on their resources.

IHD Solutions has been providing and managing their hardware and component parts for years, so when we recognized how we could help improve the subassembly process, we didn’t hesitate to make our recommendations. By retaining our team to step in and take over, we were able to make a marked improvement on efficiencies, assembling all of the manufactured components so their workers could remain focused solely on the installation.

Then we took it even further. Now we by the fabricated brackets and other parts, powder coat them in our facility and deliver the assembled components, literally eliminating many build hours from each truck. Depending on their needs, we have the capacity to build 30, 50, or even 100 components at a time, so they’ll have fast access when they’re ready to use them. Since we’ve expanded our services to SkyMark Refuelers and FloMark Vacuum Trucks, they’ve seen increased profits through faster production and decreased downtime — once again proving our worth when it comes to providing unparalleled manufacturing support.