Since 1993, IHD Solutions has been helping clients throughout Missouri and Kansas meet the exacting demands of their manufacturing businesses. All along, we’ve recognized the value of being quick to deliver high quality, competitively priced supplies, but that’s just one element of a much bigger picture.

We have a strong reputation for identifying needs and finding good solutions. Our clients depend on our partnership to save time and money, and that’s precisely what we do. From specialty casters for nearly every use, to providing popular and hard-to-find parts, custom powder coated pieces, tailor-made conveyors and proficient inventory management on- and off-site, IHD Solutions is America’s industrial workforce support team.

Today, our specialized services constitute three separate divisions, each making an important contribution to the totality of IHD Solutions: Manufacturing Support, Powder Coating, and Conveyors by Uniflo.

Contact us today and together we’ll start finding new ways to improve your operation and your profit margins.