Powder Coating

IHD Solutions Commercial Powder Coat Services extend the life of industrial equipment, offering superior protection against moisture and corrosion with complete, uniform coverage of a high-quality, durable finish. The process begins by spraying a fine blend of charged pigment particles and resin onto an electrically grounded surface. The covered piece is then heated, fusing the particles into a tough, smooth coating that, once cured, will hold up to the most extreme conditions.


Besides the obvious benefits of our powder coating systems, the shorter cycle time has an added advantage of reducing the risk of airborne contaminant deposits, resulting in a cleaner, more lustrous finish. It’s simply a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to wet paint. And our recently expanded facility now has more capacity than anyplace between Colorado and The Carolinas, giving us more flexibility to meet tight timelines.

Our custom powder coating system offers:

• 1,200 Lb. Capacity
• Aluminum Oxide Blasting
• Assembly
• Two Production Lines With Over 600 Ft Of Rail
• Batch Booth Capabilities For Large Parts
• Combo Gas-infrared / Convection Curing Ovens
• Multi-stage Pre-treatment System
• Over 100 Colors In Stock
• Custom Colors Available
• Pickup And Delivery Services
• Quick Color Change Capabilities
• State-of-the-art Application Equipment
• Turnaround Time To Meet Your Needs
• Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions

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