When it comes to industrial casters, the lowest price doesn’t translate to the best value. Although it can appear as if all casters are the same, what you don’t see makes all the difference. You wouldn’t use wheels with hardware that’ll rust easily in a high-humidity environment. You wouldn’t trust light duty casters to transport extreme weight, either.

Now you’re probably thinking it would be easy to get what you need online, but with the huge variety of casters available, finding the right ones too frequently happens through costly trial and error. And to add confusion, while most caster manufacturers use the exact same materials, many of them call the specific compounds by a different name, making it complicated to cross-reference across brands. It’s kind of like trying to figure out which aftermarket wiper blade inserts will work as replacements for your vehicle, except on a much wider scale.

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Fortunately, IHD Solutions has two in-house specialists in our Kansas City office with over half a century of combined experience across the caster manufacturing industry, so not only do we speak the language, but we know what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re a manufacturer or reseller, tap into our knowledge. We’ll guide you in the right questions to ask, so you can make application-specific recommendations without being an expert on casters. And we can custom build and install casters when you need them too. So, instead of investing countless hours trying to figure out what we already know, contact us today and we’ll help you keep things rolling steadily along.

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