IHD Solutions Increases Uptime & Lowers Expenses For Ag Junction

IHD Solutions Helps AgJunction Increase Operational Uptime And Lower Expenses

“As industry-leading innovators of agriculture guidance and machine control systems, we’ve learned a lot about precision and accuracy. We’ve also learned a few lessons the hard way, a big one being that productivity really suffers during the kitting process. That’s why we depend on IHD Solutions to take care of our kits so we can continue doing what we do best.”

AgJunction is a prime example of the way partnering with us can boost production and increase profit margins. An elite group of accomplished engineers and software architects, AgJunction designs and builds navigation and control systems for use in agricultural aerial applications, tractors, and other farming machinery.

Originally, they purchased all the component parts and created installation kits in-house to include with their systems. However, this practice was a big drain on their resources. Not only were they experiencing many hours of downtime in kitting, but they were also taking a substantial loss by paying an engineer’s hefty salary for a task that can be effectively completed by a less-skilled worker.

Fortunately, we had already established a trusting client relationship with AgJunction because we provided them with hardware and fittings for their aftermarket parts. Ever the strategic problem solvers, we worked together with them to identify this weak link in their production process and made the recommendation that we take over their kitting. They agreed to give it a try, and the results have proven to be gratifying for everyone. We’ve enjoyed a deeper, more meaningful partnership; AgJunction has experienced a dramatic improvement in production time, elevated profits, and now their internal team is free to focus more time on their real specialty — engineering and selling their groundbreaking technology.