AES Raptor's Success Is Made Safer With IHD Solutions

“As a small team in the big business of workplace safety, we each must wear many different hats to keep the company operating smoothly. IHD Solutions makes it so much easier for us to keep up with the growing demand for our construction site safety equipment.”

AES Raptor is one of our more well-rounded client relationships that started years ago with our powder coating services. As a part of our standard procedure, we made it our business to learn their business on a much deeper level. Because we did our job so well, we earned their trust and confidence in our capabilities. And this is precisely how we expanded our partnership and started managing AES Raptor’s hardware.

At the time, the company’s production manager was also serving in the important roles of Truck Driver and Purchasing Manager, in addition to a long list of other duties. As you can imagine, his task list was overwhelming and there were just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The seemingly simple job of keeping all the hardware properly stocked, organized and inventoried required more time than he had to devote — resulting in costly production delays.

IHD Solutions was quickly able to resolve the situation by setting up and maintaining an efficient system. Today, we manage their hardware inventory and continuously source additional items needed for their products, in addition to powder coating their parts. We’ve even expanded our own inventory, keeping more parts easily accessible and better serving AES Raptor and our other clients. Now it’s easier than ever for them to keep the lines moving without concern of hardware delays.

We’re proud to say we’ve participated in AES Raptor’s growth and success, and are excited by the prospect of contributing to their future innovations.